Our services

Web & App development

Development of powerful websites and apps that perfectly suits your needs.

Your impact on the web is crucial for your project. You must have a powerful website to present your project, sell products or publish your content.

Thanks to our team of software engineer, we develop powerful wesbites and apps with the most recent tools and advanced technologies.

You want to make everything available on mobile too ? Beside the fact that all of our websites are responsive, we also develop Progressive web-apps and Apps for both IOS and Android as well as different watch OS.

Social network tools

Improve your realtions with your customers/community thanks to an help in community management, the creation of chatbots, filters and more.

Nowadays, it is crucial to be present on social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are part of our lives and your project has to have content on these platforms.

In order to give your project the perfect presence on social networks, we help you to setup a social-network strategy and develop few tools.

Always wanted to have chatbots ? Custom filters ? Custom headline videos ? Pixelio will answer all your needs.

Marketing & Communication consulting

Make the right choices in order to propel your projects in the good way.

It can be very hard to build your brand identity. The pixelio team is helped by a team of communication and marketing consultants as well as partners in order to help you build your identity.

We don't believe in "all-made" advices that you can find on the web. Our goal is to build the identity you want and you need. This is why we provide a special accompaniment during all this process.

With us, you will be ready to launch very fast and with all the knowledge you need to succeed with your project.